Busy, busy, busy

So, I’ve not updated for a while – the vast majority of my time has been spent slaving away in front of a hot computer, but I’ve managed to get some riding in over the past few weeks.  I’ve…

EXPLORED!  Armed only with the leisure trails map and a vague sense of direction, I went off the waymarked routes.  I got lost, discussed the merits of modern mountain bike suspension with an elderly chap, passed a group of 30 horse riders, found some MASSIVE toadstools and eventually managed to navigate my way back once I spotted the Wrekin.  I also decided that I either need to invest in a proper map, or a GPS – my phone GPS couldn’t get signal!

NEARLY DIED ON THE MONKEY!  Well, that’s a massive over-exaggeration, but I did the Monkey for the first time in nearly three months.  Met up with Jez and Ian about halfway around – Ian was riding his shiny new Pitch, and Jez was probably preparing to break his Trek.

Once again, I did this on a bowl of cornflakes, causing me to completely run out of energy.  AND I got cramp FOUR SODDING TIMES – right calf twice, left calf once and the muscle above the right knee.  Words cannot express how rough I felt at the end.  If you want a rough idea, look at a zombie from a Romero film.

BECAME AWESOME!  Again, slight over-exaggeration, but I’ve now completed the Chase Skills Level 2 course!  It was massively confidence building – it was nice to hear that my issues were more down to not commiting rather than technique (normally I struggle to commit because I’m worried my technique is rubbish).  And I actually managed to lift the front wheel for the first time ever!  On purpose!

Again, my lack of fitness and practice clobbered me a bit, after 7 hours I was a bit wobbly.  So I’m now embarking on an extensive Supernatural Exercise Biking regime!  Every night I have to exercise bike through an entire episode of Supernatural.  I’ve managed a week so far!

Went over the Dog yesterday – a bit abbreviated, as I completely missed section 8.  I thought it was completely closed off, so I went straight down and then up to 9.  I was quite pleased, went quite speedy, although I was occasionally a bit concerned sliding around in the mud.  Met up with Mr Toast around section 9 and we finished the lap together – I decided to go over the little log stumps down to the rollers this time.  I contemplated the Werewolf, but chickened out – it’s annoying as it’s not the slope that bothers me, it’s just the turn into it and the turn at the end.  I know how to ride it, but I just panic, especially in the mud.  One day, Werewolf, one day!

I need to invest in some better winter clothing – my knees were aching really badly from the cold, and it does make stuff a bit more of a struggle.  Unfortunately I’ve put on a lot of weight over summer, so I’ve got to go a size up. Q_Q