Five days until Monkey!

Well, I’m currently sitting in our house freezing (central heating is broken), waiting for Enterprise to call (car is broken), and maybe I’ll actually be able to go to work at some point today. :/  But none of that matters, because on Saturday…PHASE TWO IS UPON US!

I made a poster, alas it was a bit rushed so the layout of the text isn’t as quite thought out as I’d like it to be.  But it does have a monkey (OK, an ape again) on a bike, and that’s the important thing, right?



I’ll be there by hell or high water (YOU WON’T STOP ME, NISSAN!), and taking part in the Ladies Ride.  So if anyone wants to see me sliding around on my face and enjoying a range of low speed crashes, be at Birches Valley at 11.30am on Saturday.  And be female.  Or at least dress up like one.

I went for a local ride yesterday – it was quite nice, lots of lambs and bunnies about (and a toad), but I do wish there was more off-road riding local to us.  Apart from anything else, the Professor’s tyres a bit draggy on tarmac.  However, I do have a cunning plan for road riding, oh yes….

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