Two years!

Mr Toast pointed out today that my blog is two years old as of yesterday!  Hooray!  You now may commence eating cake to celebrate!

Strange factoids over the past two years:

* When I started this blog, I couldn’t even ride all of the Follow the Dog in one go.  Riding all of it was a major achievement.

* I used to push up all of the hills

* I’ve never actually attempted Evil Root Number Two since I came off it in May 2008 -my first (hopefully not last) attempt

* I’ve had both my knees operated on

* I’ve got married

*  Despite demoing a huge number of mountain bikes, I’ve only ever owned two – the Trekadee, which is now with a new owner, and The Professor

* Despite demoing a huge number of mountain bikes, Mr Toast doesn’t actually own anything he’s ever demoed.   Current bike count stands at three – the Meta, the Mojo and the Stumpjumper.  We’ve said goodbye to the Enduro, the FSR XC and the Zaskar (RIP).  The BeOne frame lives in the shed

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