My face is sad

I didn’t get to do any biking this weekend – we’ve got a house inspection, so I’ve been busy getting things tidy – quite tricky to hide four bikes, apparently ‘civilised’ folk don’t keep bikes in the kitchen.  Or the dining room…

I’ve also tried to sort the garden a little.  Bit of a mammoth job, as it’s been a bit neglected (if it’s a weekend and it’s sunny, we go biking, not gardening), so it was a wee bit triffidy. It’s still not going to win any RHS awards, but it’s a little less “wildlife haven”.

Felt a bit guilty – several worms were bisected by the edging tool, and loads of ladybirds nearly found a new home in the garden waste bin.  Most impressive was this little dude:

 Yes, the Sycamore Moth caterpillar is pretty punk rock.  It grows into a very dull brown moth, sadly.  I think the more extravagant the caterpillar, the less interesting the adult flappy.  He went back to live in the remaining weeds.

Next weekend we’ll be Ooop North to visit Mr Toast’s parents, and will hopefully get some Dalby and North Yorkshire Moors rides in.

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