01-02/08/09: It’s good for the skin

Unfortunately we didn’t actually get out on the bikes this weekend.  On Saturday we both felt pretty rough (hooray for summer colds!), and the weather was utterly miserable…yet again.  Ended up staying at home playing videogames all day.  Only the plus side, I hit Revered with the Sons of Hodir in World of Warcraft.  Bet you’re jealous.

Sunday was more productive – we helped marshall the Midlands XC race over at Cannock Chase.  The weather was actually fairly decent, with some sunny spells, but fortunately it had been raining heavily for the past couple of weeks, so the track kept to tradition and was nice and muddy.  We were based by ‘The Berm of Death’ in the morning, which has a steep descent into it – that, combined with the mud, led to a fair few people sliding off sideways or walking down!  Massive respect to all of the riders though.  I’ll post up some pictures tonight!

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