19/07/09: Jaggy fell off

Today we took Jaggy to our ‘local’, Cannock Chase.  Fortunately he had a much better day, infinitely preferring Follow the Dog to Llandegla red, even with a few sections closed.

I did a little helping out with building the new exit for section 7, but unfortunately was eager to get some riding done – after a couple of weeks without FtD, I’d actually gotten a bit ‘homesick’, and also wanted to see if my new found confidence in Scotland would make any difference.

The answer was kind of  ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.  There were some bits that I rode pretty fast, picking fairly good lines.  I hit a lot of the rougher stuff with more gusto than I used to, and also found winding through the trees at speed less worrying.  Unfortunately I lost my flow a bit as I encountered a screaming child frozen on the jumps on section 8, and chickened out of riding the end.  Not sure why.

Evil Root Number Two defeated me again.  I got a lot closer this time, but still stopped the bike before my front wheel had touched it.  It’s stupid – I’ve ridden stuff I’d consider to be more tricky and technical, but I’ve just got a mental block.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have named it ‘Evil Root Number Two’.  It’s just a bloody root.

Jaggy and Mr Toast were apparently zipping around FtD at speed, being manly and over-competitive for a change.  On the first lap, Jaggy assured Mr Toast that he could have gone faster on section 13.  On the second lap, he proved it.  He went faster.  He also fell off on a corner.  Hilarity (and bleeding) ensued.

All in all, a good day.  I rode pretty well, but I do find riding in crap weather really knackering.  Must tackle roots soon, it’s getting stupid now…

Ride: Cannock Chase

Trail: Follow the Dog

Highlights:  Being back on mah home turf

Bad bits: Crap weather, unnecessary cowardice

Post ride food snaffled: Cookie and bacon sandwich, the classic combo

Good dogs seen:  Huskies sniffing each others arses.

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