Phase II Big Build Day

The next Big Build Day is scheduled for June 7th. At the last one there were ducklings and lizards! Oh my!

Clever girl...

Phase 2 Big Build Day – Sunday 7th June
Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre 10am
BBQ & Refreshments Provided
Prize Draw for all volunteers
Tools Supplied (Feel free to bring your favourite spade)
Bring Sturdy Footwear & Outdoor Clothes


If the good weather keeps up, I’d also add, ‘Bring suntan lotion and a hat’.  Lobster pink and sunstroke isn’t a good combination.  Note to self: turn up on time. -_-

The build days are a great way to get to know other bikers, and to also contribute to the local trails in a practical way.  Plus there’s sausages.



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