You can have any colour you like…

I’ve ordered some MG-1s for the Professor, which arrived yesterday.  Sort of.  I ripped off the packaging with feverish glee, looking forward to have bling white pedals on my bling white bike.  The smile fell off my face when I saw that the pedals contained within were black.

I cursed Merlin, who are already in my bad books because of an irritatingly sexist advertising campaign they ran last year (I try to avoid ordering from them when possible).  But then I checked the invoice and the confirmation email – both of them said ‘Black’.  I was fairly certain I’d ticked the box for the white ones, but unless it’s some sort of Firefox/website compatibility problem, looks like the cock up was my own fault.  Bleugh.  This naturally made me even more annoyed – almost as annoyed that, in addition to being considerably cheaper than their competitors, Merlin are also miles faster.  Grrr.

We’re planning on going to Llandegla this Sunday, I’m keen to see how I get on now that I’m a bit fitter, a bit more experienced, and the proud owner of a new bike.  Pondering what souvenir I can get to pin on the Map of Joy from there too.  Priorities, eh?

We’ve also booked into Glede Knowe for our anniversary in July – I really can’t wait to go back!  Again, I’m looking forward to seeing what progress I’ve made since last year, and I’m definitely going to give the red a go this year!

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