10/04/09: Moo to sea

 So we’re once again Oop North.  Such a beautiful part of the country, and so many more awesome biking opportunities than back home in sunny Leamington.  Today we decided to get warmed up on the ‘Moor to Sea’ route.  OK, it’s got a terrible (yet descriptively accurate) pun for a name, and it’s a fairly tame route, given that it was built on the old disused railway line.  But not every ride has got to jam packed with berms, switchbacks and jumps, has it?  Sometimes it’s just nice to pootle along and appreciate…


I like to think they’re a singing trio

They were very sweet, and very inquisitive – as opposed to their mothers.  Jeez, if looks could kill…

You probably can’t make it out from the photo, but the middle one was bald on his forehead.  He did look a little like a zombie mini-moo.  He was still very nice though.  Not sure what’s going on with the crazy leaning action, I think they were preparing some sort of choreographed song and dance routine before we showed up.

We carried on, and took a little diversion at Hayburn Wyke to get a good look at the sea.  Mr Toast’s bike had some more upside down time as he tried to sort the play on the rear wheel…

Moody bike shot

…and Mr Toast then took a well earnt break, and looked at the sea.

Oh look, it’s another shot of the husband’s back.  He does have a face, honest

No rest for the wicked though.  What goes down must inevitably go up again (sometimes), and Mr Toast was ready and waiting to be all manly and chivalrous.  Two bikes and steep rocky steps are no match for the might of Mr Toast!

The ultimate uplift service

We rejoined the main route, and carried on to Ravenscar.  By this time the weather had turned a bit nasty, and Ravenscar looked strangely bleak and melancholy, yet still fantastic for it.  More fantastic was the tearooms.  If you ever find yourself there, their bakewell slices are the best you’ll find outside of the Peak District.

Tomorrow we’ve got a non-bikey day, where we’ll head to Whitby and play Pirate Adventure Mini-golf.  Naturally, I’ll win.  Then on Sunday we’re off to Dalby.  Huzzah!

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