Missus Toast and the full-suspension quest

As anyone who’s been reading this blog will be aware, I’m in the market for a full-susser.  So far I’ve tried:

A Specialized Safire

An Orange Diva (long)

A Lapierre Zesty 514L

A Santa Cruz Juliana

A Commencal Meta

A Trek Fuel EX 8

All of which have either been great but over budget, not had quite the right fit for me, or just felt a bit ‘meh’.  So, the quest continues.  On Thursday morning I’m heading to Mike Vaughn’s in Kenilworth (where I got my Trekadee from), where I’ll hopefully get some inkling as to whether a small Specialized Stumpjumper will fit me.  Fingers crossed!

After that we head up to Mr Toast’s parents’.  We’ve got quite a bit of biking planned – Dalby at least once, and we also want to do part of the ‘Moor to Sea’ route too.  This will be the first time I’ll be hitting Dalby on my own bike – the previous times I’ve hired a bike up there.  I really need to do a little research beforehand – I want to work out a fun route in advance, possibly incorporating some of the red route.  Need to make sure it’s within my ability level first, though!

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