04/04/09: Follow the Husband

On Saturday I decided to have a rare run around FtD with Mr Toast.  He duly killed his speed (not the wife), and I certainly ramped up my speed to keep up with him.  He noted that I was slower than when I had been on the Meta, but overall I didn’t do too badly.  I think he found the waiting around in between sections a bit tedious though.

Him: Go now?

Me: Yeah-no, wait, there’s someone coming.

[Biker goes by]

Him: Now?

Me: Er, not yet, that guy’s friends are about to come by

[Bikers go by]

Him: Now?!

Me: Yeah, go…oh wait, someone’s coming…

In my defence, whilst riding the trail I did have to launch myself into the soft, soft bracken twice as much faster riders approached – it completely breaks what little flow I have.  Although in their defence, they were perfect gentlemen, saying things like, “You don’t have to move for me!” and a cheery “You should keep going!”.  Awesome encouragement, but I wonder whether they’d still be saying as I pootle through the section at a third of their speed…:P

With Mr Toast’s encouragement I did the long section 8, and rode it at a reasonable speed.  The jumps I could have done with tackling with a bit more speed, as I could have been a lot more stable, but otherwise I was pretty pleased with myself.  It’s funny, I’ve been putting it off since I started biking again this year, mainly because I’ve mentally built it up into something that it’s not.  Yes, it’s quite a fast bit of track, with jumps, but nothing I can’t handle, and I even came out of the climb the other end a lot better than I had last year.

I’d say overall that my fitness (and knees) have improved, I just need to get my confidence back up to start tackling stuff at a decent speed again.

Random event of the day: nearly running into a lady of advanced years who thought that having a little walk on Ill Phil’s Hill was a good idea…

Ride: Cannock Chase

Trail: FtD

Highlights: I think section 13 was a highlight today

Bad bits: Not being as fast as I was on the Meta.  Curse cheating full-sussers!

Post ride food snaffled: Dotty Cookie

Good dogs seen:  Bit of an exotic batch.  There was what I think was a shar-pei and a St Bernard, plus a sweet puppy that seemed to have the head of a russel, the body of a corgi, and the soft folds of skin around the ankles of a bassett hound.  Believe me, it was a good combination.

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