France Versus Andorra: FIGHT!

Mr Toast has been in touch with Leisure Lakes.  They had a slight hiccup with the small Meta – apparently, it’s now gone to a magazine!  Fortunately they, along with Commencal, have agreed to sort me another small Meta, which I’ll hopefully be able to take out this Saturday.  Can’t wait!

Whilst reading Singletrack, Mr Toast noticed that there was another set of demo days going on – the Premier Demo Series.  They have Lapierre bikes, so I tried to find out if I could demo a small 314.  Alas, they only have medium bloke’s 314s and 514s, no small ones.  I am tempted to try a small bloke’s Spicy, but I think it’s possibly a little burlier than what I’m looking for.

Have I mentioned how I hate being short?

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