Demo Days

Booked my demo bikes for the Bike Radar Demo Day next month!  Currently my schedule looks like this:

12.30: Lapierre Zesty 514L

13.15: Planning on an on-the-day booking of a Trek Fuel 8 WSD.  EVEN THOUGH IT’S BROWN!

14.45: Santa Cruz Juliana

15.15:  Yeti 575

Really looking forward to it, want to get into the woods sooner though, re-familiarise myself with the trail.  I’m also looking forward to what the different bikes have to offer, and whether I’ll be any more impressed than I was with the ones I tried last year.

In other news, Mr Toast’s head was turned by a heavily discounted GT Zaskar frame.  They were going fast on Wiggle, but he was waiting for some money to come in from  eBay.  Unfortunately, we’ve been in this situation before, and it normally involves the bike selling just before Mr Toast can get to it, and me having to listen to years of his mourning ‘the one that got away’.  So, I bit the bullet and bought it myself on my credit card, and am now the proud owner of an extra large carbon frame!

I was tempted to keep my purchase a secret, but after recieving a miserable MSN message from Mr Toast, saying that the last frame had gone (he’d had the page open and had been hitting refresh every few minutes), I put him out of his misery.  He was needless to say quite pleased that he now owns a) a carbon bike, andb) a Zaskar, the bike he longed for in his youth. Bless.

Incidentally, carbon frames are wrong.  They don’t weigh anything, and sound like plastic when you tap them.  Creepy!

3 thoughts on “Demo Days

  1. Hello again, Mrs. Toast!

    If the demo at Aston Hill is still happening this weekend, please say hello! I happen to be over visiting and will be helping out at the demo. Just look for the tallest woman around with an American accent, that will be me.

    Hope to see you there!


  2. I’m actually going to the Cannock Chase Demo Day on the 22nd, so I’ll probably won’t get to meet you. 🙁

    And as for the weather, if you’re a frequent visitor to good old Blighty, I’m sure you’re used to it being the main topic of conversation! 😛 Sadly, as recent events have shown, a little bit of snow seems to constitute a major national emergency.

    Snow in winter! The horror!

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