The horror! Or, Map of Joy: Volume III, Update I

I’ve been sadly remiss with my Map of Joy updates!  This year I decided to take a different approach –  rather than making a list of the places we were hoping to visit and ticking them off as we get there, I’ve gone for *drumroll*…


Which is like the old Map of Joy, except we fill it out as we go along.  It’s less of a crushing disappointment that way at the end of the year when we realise we haven’t managed to visit half of the places we were hoping to!   Keeping on last year’s theme of slacking I’ve not actually posted this year’s yet, but in my defence we have had a lot on.  Well, wait no longer!


OK, slightly overdone build up when it only has three locations on it, but look!  A medal!  From Mountain Mayhem!  Over-excited blogpost to follow soon!

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