Spring! Yay!

I’ve managed to have a good few rides over the past couple of weeks.  I’ve been focusing on getting my fitness back up on the blue, and throwing in a couple of sections of Follow the Dog.  Despite my first efforts of the year over the final Tackeroo section starting off a bit dicey, I’ve actually managed to get back into the swing of of it.  Although I did manage to skid sideways on the last berm before Werewolf and land on my side, much to the amusement of a group of blokes standing about.  Tell me boys, if you’re so frickin’ awesome why are you standing mincing at the top of the Werewolf instead of riding it?  Eh?  EH?

It’s amazing how quickly the trails recover once the frost finally buggers off – a little bit of added drainage here and there by Chase Trails (example:  the berms on the Tackeroo sections) and voila!  Perfectly rideable!  Occasionally a bit of mud and a fair few breaking bumps, but, as I keep on saying, if mud and bumpy trails bother you, you should probably question whether mountain biking is the hobby for you.

There’s lots of good dogs out at the moment – there seems to have been a bit of a puppy boom.  Last week alone I saw two German Shepherd pups and a spaniel pup, all bouncing merrily along.  Well, that’s a bit of a fib, the spaniel was bouncing, the alsations were quite dignified.

I also helped marshall the Midlands XC race last week – it mostly went smoothly, and thanks to the Follow the Dog riders for their patience and following the diversions.  Hope everyone enjoyed the day!

And now, photos!




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