1) Still having a cough.  Still.  “It’s just viral, you’ve just got to sit it out”.  I’ve been sitting it out for three months now…

2) Online retailers who have a rubbish returns policy.  Two weeks before our holiday, I ordered three pairs of 3/4 length shorts.  The day before our holiday, the package arrived.  It didn’t contain shorts, oh no.  It contained three pairs of skinny leg jeans.  Three pairs of UK size six skinny leg jeans.

I am many things, but a UK size six is certainly not one of them, and certainly not when it comes to the hips department. Now, the online retailer who shall remain nameless have a curious returns policy – they have a courier come and pick up the parcel.  In theory, that’s great.  Except they’ll only pick up from the delivery address, and don’t turn up when they’re supposed to.  We’ve wasted two Saturdays waiting in on the courier, which was particularly bitter this weekend just gone given how nice and sunny it was.

So in short, they sent me the wrong stuff late, and it’s taken me a couple of weeks to get them to pick it up.  If they start whining about how it’s outside the 14 day return period, I’m going to be very miffed!  Very miffed, I say!

3) Jeremy Wright MP.  Oh Jeremy, why must you play so hard to get?  It’s been two weeks since I contacted you, and you’ve not even bothered to fob me off with a generic reply about why the government is right in selling off the forests.  You just ignore me, Jeremy, and it hurts a girl’s feelings.  I even went to extra special effort to make sure I was civil, and used paragraphs and punctutaion and everything!

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