My cough has now been stomping Godzilla style over my lungs for nearly a month now.  Haven’t been out on the bike as I’m currently incapable of going two minutes without a massive coughing fit, and I imagine that bike handling would be somewhat impaired as I ride one handed, the other hand covering my mouth with a dainty hankerchief.  Waiting for the doctor’s appointment, where the doctor can look at me dismissively and say, “We don’t really like handing out antibiotics”.  WELL FINE THEN, I’LL JUST HAVE A 6 MONTH CHEST INFECTION LIKE LAST YEAR, SHALL I?

My already foul mood is somewhat exacerbated by today’s news that Kotaku got itself hacked.  Been manically changing passwords all over the shop, and fortunately Facebook picked up on the fact that someone tried to access my account in LA but there’s not been anything odd come up from that so far.  If I try to sell you viagra, a degree, acaia berries, watches or a Russian Bride – that’s not me, that’s an oik with too much time on their hands.

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