Still alive

So, not updated in a while.  BAD MISSUS, BAD.  I didn’t go biking last week, was feeling a bit phlegmy and grim memories of the October ’09 to March ’10 chest infection kept rearing its ugly head.  I did go biking in the previous weeks though.

I’m chuffed to bits that I did the Chase Skills course – it brought up my speed quite a bit, I’m definitely more confident, taking corners better and not losing as much speed due to over-braking.  Plus I’m merrily manualling about!  I’m still too chicken to do the Werewolf though – I know I can do it, I know exactly how to do it… it’s just actually doing it that’s the problem.

Had a bit of a comedy mishap on the bridge at end of the Stegosaur the other week.  There were a couple of novice riders on the rocks pulled over to the side.  Mr Toast went straight past them, and I thought they’d let me pass too – but unfortunately one of them set off just as I caught them up.  She bottled it on the last couple of steps, so I waited for her to sort herself out then restarted on the bridge.  Started to pedal and somehow managed to propel the Professor off to the side – still not sure how it happened!   I think it was as my right foot moved the pedal down my bike slipped sideways, I toppled to the right but was still pedalling – I literally landed in the middle of the bridge and shot my bike off to the left.  Bizarre.  I managed to brush myself off and grumble at my wounded pride, lift my bike back on and carried on!

It was another fairly swift lap considering the conditions.  I mourned the loss of Evil Root Number Two – its face has finally been chewed through by many a spinning wheel.  Rumour has it it’s going to be replaced with a rock…

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