And now, spam.

Phew, after a couple of months of hard work and missed biking opportunities, Mr Toast and I have finally finished our side project!   Available now on the Android Marketplace!  Free demo version is also due to go up tonight.

Angry crabs! Vicious seagulls! Explosions! It’s like a Michael Bay movie, but with a better plot and less slow-mo! You should buy it, then I can have some new wheels!* You wouldn’t deny me new wheels, would you?

Normal service will resume soon – didn’t get any biking done last weekend due to my mom breaking her ribs on Saturday and being ill on Sunday. I’ve still got to update for the week before though – what happens when Missus Toast goes off the waymarked path?

*And Mr Toast would quite like a new rear shock for his Met, or at least a second hand one that doesn’t have Pro-Pedal.   He hates Pro-Pedal.  J

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