27/06/10: A call to arms

So after my spectacular Saturday performance, I decided to take Sunday easier and go biking with my friend Chris and her little girl.  I had planned to do some trail building, but I was feeling particularly sorry for myself and decided to have a lie in – plus my right arm was feeling a bit weak.  When you’re already limited to the upper-body strength of a kitten, this is quite a downgrade.  I think I could lift cake and little else…

Little Alisha had been biking with us before, but had struggled with any form of slope.  She did much better this time around, riding with much more confidence and only throwing the occasional strop, normally when I suggested that she wouldn’t get ice-cream unless she displayed a sufficent amount of ‘awesomeness’.  To be fair to  the poor child, her bike weighs more than any of my bikes, but she rose to the challenge admirably, and got to see ducklings, baby coots and… er, fairies for her trouble.  She could actually go at a fair old clip when she put her mind to it, but I decided to be cautious on the dangerous fireroad. -_-

Before setting out, Chris had bandaged up my arm as it was oozing.  I looked a bit of a sorry sight – a mashed up, bandaged arm and a scraped face.  Went into Swinnertons and looked at the helmets, as my previous one is now a bit dented. Fielded a few concerned queries about my arm, and felt a bit of a pillock explaining how it happened.  Fireroad.  Really.  Fortunately I managed a gentle pootle around the greens without doing myself any further harm!

Today I bowled into work and again had many queries about my injuries, the answers to which became increasingly ridiculous (fox attacks are on trend at the moment, by the way).  The mortified head of admin strongly suggested that I should have seen a doctor or visited A&E, and said that given my arm was oozing yellow stuff (proper medical term there) I should at the very least see a pharmacist.  So I popped out at lunch, the pharmacist took one look at said, “Doctors”.

The boss gave the go ahead to go to the doctors, expressing amazement that I hadn’t had it looked at earlier.  This slightly puzzled me – one doesn’t take up valuable NHS time for a mere flesh wound!  The nurse thought differently.  Apparently my arm is a bit infected (I like to think of it as The Monkey Clap), so I’m now dosed up on antibiotics and have a special iodine dressing.  Oh, and I also had to have a tetanus jab, and got a stern telling off for not getting it looked at sooner. :/  Hopefully I’ll be cured of the Monkey Clap soon, my arm will stop oozing and be back to its previous glory!

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