The Professor

Realised I had some more pictures from the Peak District on my phone.

Ze Professor

Isn’t he lovely?

Less lovely is my bobbins car, which has burnt through yet another starter motor.  It’s a five year old car, and has burnt through three starter motors in two years – two over the last month.  So at the moment I’m driving a hire car, which means no biking over Cannock Chase this weekend. 🙁  I really want this stupidity with my car to end – all I want is a reliable car, but noooo, I had to get a Nissan Micra that gradually self-destructs after three years.

Slightly better news, the Chase Trails chaps have started a blog, so if you ever want a break from my whining about my shite closet-French car and Evil Roots, head on over here.  You can keep up to date with the trail building progress, find out how you can get involved, and learn when and why sections are closed.

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