14/06/09: Time marches on

It was my birthday over the weekend. 29 years old – bloody hell.

Didn’t go biking today – we went around Go Ape instead. My major achievement of the day was figuring out how to stop turning on the zip line.


Major cock-up was deciding to try the ‘extreme’ option on the one section – a series of hanging hoops that you’re supposed to put your feet into. I started off OK, but ended up doing the splits and accidentally slipping my entire foot through a ring and getting it stuck. As I hung there thrashing about, trying to free my leg, I was reminded of the starling that we rescued at Mr Toast’s parents, which had managed to get tangled up in some fly paper in the hen house.

So, now I’m 29, I haven’t got much time to complete my list of ‘Things to do before I’m 30’. From a mountain biking point of view, I think I’d like to aim for getting over Evil Roots 1 & 2. I have 12 months to figure out how to unweight the front of my bike whilst climbing, and actually getting the courage to attempt it.

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