Raining Mud! From a lacerated sky!

So, the weather continued to absolutely chuck it down.  This unfortunately lead to slightly diminished attendance for the Big Build Day.  Yes, that’s the same Big Build Day I said that you might need suncream for…

Numbers were lower, but spirits were high, with people enjoying the traditional British pastime of complaining about the weather.  The trees offered a bit of shelter, and the rain made easy (well, easier) work of digging.

It also made everything slimy, slippy and cold, but you can’t have everything.  We managed to knock out a fair bit of trail, and it’s coming together nicely.

The Darwin Trail

Discaimer: I didn’t actually do that much work on this section, but it was the nicest bit of the trail built today, so you get a photo of it. 😛

Again, thanks go to Sharon and Dale for feeding the horde and providing hot drinks – Saints in waterproofs, I tell thee!

There are more Big Build Days scheduled for July and August, so hopefully the weather will be kinder then.  Even if it’s not though, you should still go along, or attend the regular build days on Sundays.  The trails won’t build (or maintain!) themselves!

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