Lady of Leisure (Lakes)

So, the weekend’s been and gone, and I’m crawling through another week of hard slog and overtime, waiting for…another demo day!  This time it’s a Leisure Lakes demo day, and I’ll be trying out an Orange Diva and a Commencal Meta 5.5.2.

Mr Toast is firmly rooting for the Meta.  He has a Meta himself – the fact that it’s the only bike he’s bought in five years that hasn’t been sold or completely respecced beyond all recognition is a testament to how much he loves it.   He’ll enthuse about it’s great spec for a good price – it weighs in at nearly a grand less than the Zesty.

But, on the subject of weight (oooh, seamless!), the Meta is apparently about three pounds heavier.  The geometry of the small Meta isn’t too far removed from the Zesty 514 L, but…who knows?  That’s what demo days are for – hooray for demo days! \o/

As for the Diva, I’ve always had a soft spot for Oranges (the bikes, not the fruit).  I’m a bit worried that the new 5s have rather spindly looking top-tubes, but again, I guess I’ll see how it looks – and more importantly feels – on Sunday.

If you’re a frequent biking visitor to the Chase and you’re not demoing bikes on Sunday, you could (and should) attend the ‘Big Dig Day’.  The chaps at Chase Trails are hoping to get some more volunteers to help continue building Phase Two – the new red route.

“Sunday 1st March – Big Build Day (Phase 2). Barbeque and prize draw for all volunteers.

            Be a part of our newest and most exciting trail so far. It’s only with your help that we’ll be able to get phase 2 ready and opened in 2009 so park up the bike for a day and pick up a shovel. Whilst we can provide tools we’re expecting a big turn out so bring you own spade, pick or sturdy rake.

We’ll be meeting at Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre at 9.45am and will be leaving for the work site at 10am prompt”

It’s a good way of making new friends, contributing to the trails, and getting involved in the community.  And hell, there’s a barbecue!  Nom nom nom!

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