Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

I’ve been pondering getting a Trek Fuel, mainly because I love my little Trek hardtail so much.  I tried a couple of Giants and Specializeds WSD bikes last year, and wasn’t really blown away, so I’m eager to try a Trek full-susser.

Unfortunately Mr Toast keeps mithering that the Treks this year are a bit overpriced.  He keeps suggesting that I should test blokes bikes…and pointed out the Fuel 8 actually has EXACTLY the same  geometry on both the women’s and bloke’s version, just a different paint job.  I checked the Trek site…and whaddya know, he’s right.  Not that I doubted him for a second…

I wondered if they’d made a botch up, and accidentally listed the same details, in the same way Scott’s website listed their entry level sussers as being the same weight as their top of the range carbon jobbie.

I checked the 4500 regular and WSD geometry listings, and those are different.  So, I’m sending a quick mail to Trek, asking them if it’s a mistake, or if their full sussers are, in fact the same for both his and hers.

And I’ve just realised I’ve written an entire post about bike geometry.  Shoot me now.

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