Ze weekend

I’ll hopefully be going biking on Sunday – on Saturday I’m going for my wedding dress fitting, and the dress shop (in Rugeley) is conveniently close to Cannock Chase! The BBC says near freezing temperatures and snow, so I’m looking forward to a dry and sunny weekend!

Mr. Toast, rather predictably, has been eyeing up Orange 5s since the demo day, and has spotted one second hand on eBay. Watch this space!

One thought on “Ze weekend

  1. I’m sure you’ll look as lovely as ever in your wedding dress, although it seems that Mr Toast may be slightly disappointed if he lifts the veil to find anything other than a pair of shiny new handlebars.

    Congratulations by the way! 🙂

    Don’t make me bring out the snail, you wouldn’t want to get trails on your dress.

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